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onsdag, november 08, 2006

R. Fisk om dödsdomen i Irak

Journalisten Robert Fisk kommenterar dödsdomen på Saddam Hussein. Dömd för förbrytelser som begicks under den tid Saddam Hussein var allierad med USA. Hela artikeln kan läsas här

"The odd thing is that Iraq is now swamped with mass murderers, guilty ofrape and massacre and throat- slitting and torture in the years since our"liberation" of Iraq. Many of them work for the Iraqi government we arecurrently supporting, democratically elected, of course. And these warcriminals, in some cases, are paid by us, through the ministries we set up under this democratic government. And they will not be tried. Or hanged.That is the extent of our cynicism. And our shame. Have ever justice and hypocrisy been so obscenely joined? "

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