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onsdag, januari 10, 2007

Slavoj Zibek om Saddams hängning

Saddam Husseins hängning har vållat en flod av kommentarer, de flesta är upprepningar och intetsägande. Den slovenske filosofen Slavoj Zibek bryter mot trenden och bidrar med en lysande analys. Läs hela artikeln här

"Recall the old story about the factory worker suspected of stealing: every evening, when he was leaving work, the wheelbarrow he rolled in front of him was carefully inspected, but the guards could not find anything, it was always empty. Finally, they got the point: what the worker was stealing were the wheelbarrows themselves.

This is the trick being attempted by those who claim today, “But the world is nonetheless better off without Saddam!” They forget to factor into the account the effects of the very military intervention against him. Yes, the world is better without Saddam Hussein — but is it better if we include into the overall picture the ideological and political effects of this very occupation?
The United States as a global policeman — why not? The post-cold-war situation effectively called for some global power to fill the void. The problem resides elsewhere: recall the common perception of the United States as a new Roman Empire. The problem with today’s America is not that it is a new global empire, but that it is not one. That is, while pretending to be an empire, it continues to act like a nation-state, ruthlessly pursuing its interests.

It is as if the guiding vision of recent American politics is a weird reversal of the well-known motto of the ecologists — act globally, think locally. "

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